Operating with integrity and accountability

Equinox Gold understands that trust must be earned and the Company’s success in both the public markets and the communities in which we operate depends on our reputation for upholding our commitments to responsible mining.

Ross Beaty, Chairman, March 2019: “A good company rewards its shareholders. A great company also looks after its employees, contractors, the environment, and the communities and countries where it works.”

Maryse Bélanger, ESG Committee Chair, May 2020: “The rationale for a sustainability strategy and action plan moves beyond the ethical and social context to one that is about good business decisions.”


Responsible Growth

equinox gold’s 2020 esg report

We are pleased to release our first ESG report! This report outlines our commitments to responsible mining. It reflects our focus on strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and our commitment to transparent disclosure so that all stakeholders are aware of our annual targets, performance and management approach regarding the material aspects of our business. This report discusses our ESG targets, performance and initiatives for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020 as well as targets and objectives going forward.

After you read this report and explore additional responsible mining disclosure on our website, we invite your suggestions for ways Equinox Gold can improve both its ESG performance and disclosure. As stakeholders of Equinox Gold, we want you to be proud of what we’ve achieved and excited to be part of our future. Your opinions are important, and we welcome your feedback. You can reach the team by email at


Equinox Gold’s approach to project development and operations is based on the philosophy that strong financial, social and environmental performance are all equally important to the company’s success. Equinox Gold is committed to upholding best practice international environmental, safety and social standards while delivering the financial growth our shareholders expect. These commitments guide every decision we make, whether at our operations, at an exploration site or around the boardroom table. The leadership team is aligned on its mission to build and operate a leading gold mining company with a reputation for excellence in responsible exploration, mining and financial management.

World Gold Council 

Equinox Gold believes that mining projects should breathe new life into communities and bring significant economic benefits and social development opportunities that endure well beyond the project’s life. Equinox Gold is one of the World Gold Council members highlighted in this recent report about how gold mining contributes to economic advancement and improves livelihoods at a global, national and community level.

Download the World Gold Council’s report here or view the report summary and other World Gold Council research here.

implementing BEST PRACTICES

Equinox Gold is growing quickly, and our governance, policies and disclosures are growing with us. We undertook a number of important sustainability initiatives during 2020 including:

  • Reviewing and updating all governance policies
  • Completing more than 500 ESG-related training hours with Directors, the Executive team and site leaders to seek alignment on the Company’s ESG strategy
  • Implementing a common Health, Safety, Environment & Community reporting platform for continuous review of site performance
  • Establishing a corporate Enterprise Risk Management system
  • Commencing quarterly online performance reporting and selecting frameworks for future ESG reporting disclosures
  • Adopting four internationally recognized initiatives to guide and improve performance: the Mining Association of Canada’s “Towards Sustainable Mining” protocols, the World Gold Council’s “Responsible Gold Mining Principles”, the International Cyanide Management Code and the United Nations Global Compact

2020 Performance Against Targets

Equinox Gold’s 2020 ESG targets reflect our focus on health and safety, environmental protection, community engagement, and strong corporate governance. A summary of Equinox Gold’s management approach and strategies to achieve its responsible mining objectives, progress during 2020 and next steps for 2021 can be found in our Responsible Mining: Commitments & Performance document.

  Category Goals Results at
Q4 2020
  • Achieve zero fatalities
  • Achieved
  • Achieve a Lost Time Injury Frequency of 0.95 or less
  • Achieved 0.69
  • Achieve a Total Recordable Injury Frequency of 4.82 or less
  • Achieved 3.67
  • Achieve zero business interruption because of social conflicts at our operations
  • Not achieved
  • Support community healthcare and testing during COVID-19
  • Achieved
  • Communicate vision and values to expanded team and operations
  • In progress
  • Achieve zero business interruption because of union conflicts at applicable operations
  • Achieved
  • Harmonize profit sharing plan at Brazil sites
  • Achieved
  • Achieve a Significant Environmental Incidents Frequency of 1.65 or less
  • Achieved 1.61
  • Achieved
  • Conduct an Energy and Greenhouse Assessment workshop for management
  • Achieved
  • Establish Enterprise Risk Management system
  • Achieved
  • Review and, where appropriate, enhance compliance policies and programs
  • Achieved
  • Establish Internal Audit department
  • Achieved
Reporting & Disclosure
  • Identify and join key industry organizations and adopt ESG reporting frameworks
  • Achieved
  • Engage with key stakeholders to understand reporting priorities
  • Achieved
  • Commence quarterly ESG reporting disclosures
  • Achieved

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