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Equinox Gold looks for opportunities to implement or participate in projects that will create lasting, positive benefits in the regions where we work. Here are some of our favourite stories from the projects underway at our mine sites. 

Mesquite Mine Emergency Rescue Team rescues missing dog

January 17, 2023

Equinox Gold’s Mesquite Mine Emergency Rescue Team (MERT) put their skills to the test this month rescuing Jemma, a female Labrador. Jemma had been missing from the Glamis dune area since the end of December. In the first week of January she was spotted by a crew conducting environmental work at Mesquite Mine, over nine miles away from Glamis. Jemma was found roaming around at the bottom of an inactive pit, unable to make it back out the 200-metre incline on her own.

MERT members gathered and successfully performed a low-angle rope rescue. Jemma’s family was found and were thrilled to be reunited with their dog, reporting she is in good health.

In 2021, Mesquite received Equinox Gold’s Chairman’s Safety Award for exemplary safety performance. While the MERT team is highly trained and prepared for any emergency, they rarely get to use their skills. The Mesquite team has worked more than six years without a lost-time incident, an outstanding achievement that showcases Mesquite’s focus on teamwork and safety.

Jemma resting at home










Stories from Site

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